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Tell me a little about you and your dog.
My dog is instant friends with every person he/she meets, even children.
My dog loves to meet new dogs and gets along well with them.
When I leave my dog alone for periods of time, he/she handles it really well.
My dog does not have accidents or mark indoors.
I can take food, toys and other objects from my dog and he/she even shares his/her bed if you want to curl up with him/her.
My dog doesn't mind regular grooming activities like wiping his paws, brushing him/her, looking in his/her ears, touching his/her collar and looking into his/her eyes.
Sometimes my dog gets a little wound up, but he calms down quickly.
There is nothing in my dogs daily life that triggers fear.
My dog barks at normal things like someone ringing the doorbell, but he isn't a constant barker.
My dog plays well with other dogs and does not get too wound up.
My dog plays well with people and doesn't get too wound up.
My dog responds well to basic training cues even in distracting environments.
My dog does not eat or play with things he/she is not supposed to in the house.
My dog never barks or paws me for attention or petting.
My dog doesn't mind traveling, including getting in/out of and riding in the car.
My dog has never nipped or bitten someone before, even when justified.

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